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Welcome to the deep forests and beautiful farmlands of southwestern Sweden. At restaurant ÄNG you are served a tasting menu with selected produce and ingredients from the pantry of Halland.

The creative work is led by head chef Filip Gemzell, who together with his team picks flavors and inspiration and takes advantage of produce when they are best from nearby farms, forests, meadows and water.

We are currently closed until the 7th February. You are still welcome to make enquiries via our mail our booking form.


From our pantry

Lamb from Ästad Vingård / Funnel chanterelles from our forests
Horseradish from Fjärås / Red onion from Tångagård
Nettles from our meadow / Mushrooms from Hakaslätts
Cheese from Hagarnas Mejeri / Langoustine off the coast of Bua
Cream and Yoghurt from Källsjö Mejeri / Milfoil from our meadow
Pike-perch from Tiraholm / Celeriac from Hägareds Gård
Fir from Ästad Vingård / Marrowbone from Lillegårdens
Solaris grapes and wine leaves from Ästad Vingård / Golden beet from Ängagården
Sorrel from our meadow / Rye and wheat flour from Berte Qvarn
Parsnip from Ängagården / Red cabbage from Tångagård
Pig from Lillegårdens / Kale from Tångagård
Sea buckthorn from Södra Näs / Kohlrabi from Hägereds gårdsodling
Cheese from Skoga Gårdsmejeri / Wild apples from Ästad Vingård
Belle de Boskoop from Södra Näs / Sorrel from our meadow

Tasting menu, SEK 1 200 / The sommelier’s selected beverages SEK 850
Cheese SEK 60 / piece Beverage SEK 80

Estimated sitting time of a full tasting menu: 3,5 hours



Stay the night at Ästad Vingård

Relax and take your time. Stay overnight at Ästad Vingårds comfortable hotel rooms and suites, equipped with your own private sauna and bathtub in natural stone.




Ästad Vingård AB
432 77 Tvååker

Phone. +46 (0)340 – 460 61
E-mail. info@astadvingard.se

Opening hours

Thursdays to sundays 18:30 – late